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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Art market @SNAG! Tomorrow night @9pm (And every 1st Wed of the month)

I'll have a few things for sale at this new edition of an art market at Cobalt's SNAG event, thanks to our  charismatic host Andrew Young! (Awesome poster and market magic by Scott Sueme!)
Starts @ 9pm!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Back from a visit to Shanghai and Seoul + BLOOM kokeshi auction + old illos

The last two weeks I took a break from Vancity to visit Shanghai and Seoul and now I'm back! It was a really awesome and fun experience. I've been to Shanghai before a few years back and was excited to see how it's changed and of course to check out the local arts and culture scene. Sadly I wasn't able to stay for very long in Shanghai, but I got to explore Seoul for the first time and meet up with some very dear and old ECU friends! I have to say it is so much cheaper to party there compared to Vancouver...I actually got a little sick from staying out too late in Pusan, a reminder to never try to out-drink a Korean friend...ehehe. Anyways! - though I wasn't able to make many drawings as I had hoped, I did take lots of photos...more to come when I get all the film developed and scanned O_O I will probably post them on flickr. A sneak peek below... 


(Those leftists!!)


(you can tell it was all about da food)

ALSO, last thursday evening Nikkei Museum held their BLOOM fundraising art auction. I got to hang out with my fellow artists and awesomely cool buddies Jody Kramer (of Juki Museum) and Jeff Chiba Stearns (of Meditation Bunny Studios) 

Some photos from the show:

(my doll hangin' out with Jenn Brisson and Brendan Tang's masterpieces!)

(and some old illos for CAP!)

 article about Vancouver Comic Arts Festival

article about students looking for summer jobs

Thursday, April 25, 2013

BLOOM Kokeshi silent art auction fundraiser for Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre

TONIGHT! I’m back in Vancouver after a visit to China and S. Korea  and will be attending Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre’s fundraiser in Burnaby. I, along with fellow artists Jody Kramer, Jeff Chiba Stearns and Brendan Tang (!!!) have contributed custom, hand-crafted dolls for silent auction. Come check it out and support the arts and culture! Tix only $25.

For online preview of all the awesome dolls:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Helping out with Howie Tsui and Zac Rothman, super fun satan club and some new illustrations

Two weekends ago I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at Cineworks and work with Howie Tsui and Zac Rothman along with other super talented artists and media makers! Howie and Zac are collaborating together to make a short film for Cineworks' Intersections program - a filmmaker and an artist of another discipline team up to make a film (celebrity babies, wut?!). I snapped some shots on set - it was such fun and I got to make new friends, hang out with familiar faces and learn a few movie-making tips. Thanks to everyone, (especially Ana at cineworks for organizing volunteers!) for this super time! :D

Some CAP illos:

BC switch from HST back to PST/GST
local poetry slam

Also Katie So and Stefan Tosheff are running Vol. 2 of their zine called Super Fun Satan Club to which I submitted the following...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Kokeshi Project for Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre's BLOOM fundraiser.

The Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre is throwing an art auction fundraiser on April 25th (more info here) and I am among the 100 artists to design and paint a Kokeshi doll for auction at the event. Here's my version! (the back symbol is a chinese patternized version of the character "shou"- "long life")

Some shots of detail:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CAP year end show: 90s to the NINES!


My submission for CAP "90's themed" year-end show! The opening was on my b-day and unfortunately I couldn't make it but the show will be on for the rest of this week at the Nines! Check it out, fellow artists who will be showing too:

Dave McAnsh 
Nima Gholamipour 
Kat Bride  
Samantha Smith
Katie So
Stefan Tosheff
Shannon Elliott