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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Helping out with Howie Tsui and Zac Rothman, super fun satan club and some new illustrations

Two weekends ago I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at Cineworks and work with Howie Tsui and Zac Rothman along with other super talented artists and media makers! Howie and Zac are collaborating together to make a short film for Cineworks' Intersections program - a filmmaker and an artist of another discipline team up to make a film (celebrity babies, wut?!). I snapped some shots on set - it was such fun and I got to make new friends, hang out with familiar faces and learn a few movie-making tips. Thanks to everyone, (especially Ana at cineworks for organizing volunteers!) for this super time! :D

Some CAP illos:

BC switch from HST back to PST/GST
local poetry slam

Also Katie So and Stefan Tosheff are running Vol. 2 of their zine called Super Fun Satan Club to which I submitted the following...

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