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Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Matriarchy"/"Patriarchy" video for Travis Blackman

UPDATE (August 2013): We've actually submitted this piece to VIFF '13 so we can't broadcast it online at the moment, sorry! I may have some snippets in my demo reel which I am currently cutting and will be posting soon. Until then..hope to release this after the festival run!

I collaborated with the team at Small Axx on this video - it's a visual accompaniment to the spoken word piece "Matriarchy" by Travis Blackman from Toronto. The director wanted to combine animation with live-action footage, with help from my talented friend Karlo Melgarejo, we brought some of Karen's ideas to life! Thanks to Raj for editing everything together (...also it was fun to have a small onscreen role with the other superstars - including Lady Mary James!...ehehehe)

Patriarchy from Small Axx on Vimeo.

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