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Monday, November 18, 2013

Edel Rodriguez at Curly Tale Fine Art "Dystopia" Opening

(I yoinked this photo from Mr. Rodriguez's fb post about the event)

Friday I had the honor of meeting Edel Rodriguez and friends at his "Dystopia" opening at Chicago's Curly Tale Fine Art gallery. Mr. Rodriguez is a Cuban American artist from New York who has garnered tons of awards and bling (I mean medals) and has been exhibited and collected by awesome and cool places like the Smithsonian Institute! If that's not enough to convince you to check out his work, then you should go just because I said so (because I am ruler of this blog post)!

I also found out he was in Vancouver at Emily Carr (!!), my old stomping grounds, to give a talk about his work for the Vancouver Opera. (For some of his own reporting on this visit you can read them at his blogpost.)

You can peep some of the artwork he has on display at the gallery in his blogpost . Or you can just go to the gallery in person and experience the brilliant pieces in 3D!!  The show runs through December 30th.

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