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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Michel Gondry's New film + New Facebook Page!

Last night my friend and I watched Michel Gondry's new film "Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?", an animated documentary starring Noam Chomsky.
As I haven't been following the world of independent film/animation for a while, I actually first found out about this from Tuesday's edition of Democracy Now!

Trailer on youtube and Michel Gondry's website:

I find both Gondry and Chomsky equally mind-blowing inspirational figures and this film was especially a delight for me to watch since it's two geniuses from two fields I feel - in my personal experience ahem :) - are so alike and bridgeable though they are often perceived as polar opposites. Gondry vs. Chomsky or Art vs. Science. You have to see this one if you are a total art/science geek/nerd whatever. It's for everyone really. Ok if you're at least a human you must watch it! Even if you're a robot it's awesome too!!

Also new: You can find regular updates on my facebook page now!

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