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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Congrats to Hua Foundation on their LAUNCH + their new logo!!

[image from]

Recently I helped design a logo for Hua Foundation, a Vancouver-based environmental and community geared non-profit. It was such a pleasure to work with these passionate and amazing peeps! I totally dig their values and really appreciate the opportunity to contribute to their group (and through their message- towards all our benefit, health and well-being!). Earlier this week, Co-Founder Claudia Li talked about Hua on CBC TV and Radio. You also get a sneak peek at Co-Founder Kevin's 皮蛋(1000 year old eggs)! They look so good - hope to try them in the future.

This was a really exciting project to work on since it melds a lot of my interests and own attempts to combine the experience of 2nd gen. immigrant, cultural heritage, health, environment and plus using the arts! what a winning combo! yay
I heard their launch event at BaoBei (mmm one of my favorite restaurants in Vancity..hum hum hum) was a great success, I wish I could have been there!!

{the approved design}

Check them out at:

Or on

For more about our collaboration on the Hua Foundation identity: check out their post

Monday, November 18, 2013

Edel Rodriguez at Curly Tale Fine Art "Dystopia" Opening

(I yoinked this photo from Mr. Rodriguez's fb post about the event)

Friday I had the honor of meeting Edel Rodriguez and friends at his "Dystopia" opening at Chicago's Curly Tale Fine Art gallery. Mr. Rodriguez is a Cuban American artist from New York who has garnered tons of awards and bling (I mean medals) and has been exhibited and collected by awesome and cool places like the Smithsonian Institute! If that's not enough to convince you to check out his work, then you should go just because I said so (because I am ruler of this blog post)!

I also found out he was in Vancouver at Emily Carr (!!), my old stomping grounds, to give a talk about his work for the Vancouver Opera. (For some of his own reporting on this visit you can read them at his blogpost.)

You can peep some of the artwork he has on display at the gallery in his blogpost . Or you can just go to the gallery in person and experience the brilliant pieces in 3D!!  The show runs through December 30th.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Patriarchy won Best FX at Vancouver Short Film Festival

[film still from 'Patriarchy']

So proud of being a part of the team at SmallAxx and working with such passionate, crazy, and talented peeps! Director Karen Chapman presented our short "Patriarchy", a visual treatment of Toronto poet and spoken word artist Travis Blackman. I just found out we won the award for Best Visual Effects for this project!

Friday, November 8, 2013

unhatching a new Penpal project..

My friend Heuiwon and I are starting a penpal (or maybe it's more like a paintpal) project! We still need to iron out the details but here's a look at our first project. We painted each other's portraits and then snail-mailed them to each other! We just received each other's pieces in the mail - now it's time to find a nice frame :D

Hoping to build this into an ongoing project so will post some updates on it as it develops :)

 Heui's portrait of me with cute cat ears ^_^
 a close up

Cats were surprisingly the theme since I also added Heui's cat, Haru, to her portrait:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

'Patriarchy' screening at the Vancouver Short Film Festival!

Last year I got to finish up a short experimental film with director Karen Chapman at SmallAxx Film Productions and editing genius Rajarshi Basu and fellow animator/filmmaker Warlo Melgarejo (that's Karlo to laymen! ;])'Patriarchy' integrates live action and animation together over Travis Blackman's spoken word piece...  

Vancouver Short Film Festival! Check it out!

schedule can be found on their page: